6 steps to selling online

Ecommerce is growing 23% year-over-year (2)Amazon does have some strict selling requirements and some products categories, such as beauty, are “gated” meaning you have to pay some hefty fees to sell in them. Still, follow these five steps and you’ll be well on your way to opening an Amazon store (or even just selling online).

  1. Find and follow people who are already successful selling on Amazon and willing to share their secrets, people like Adrian and Anthony Morrison or Chris Record or Jason O’Neil.
  2. Join Facebook groups of Amazon sellers, leave comments and make friends. These people will help cheer you on and avoid pitfalls by sharing their mistakes.
  3. Watch YouTube videos on Amazon selling or drop shipping on Amazon. Vow to watch one a day until you feel comfortable opening a store.
  4. Go to Amazon seller’s university and learn from the pros.
  5. See what’s trending on Google or what items people are talking about buying on their Facebook page and keep notes. Search Alibaba or Aliexpress to see if you can source those products at a discount and make a profit selling them on Amazon.
  6. If Amazon sounds too complicated, start with eBay. Try eBay’s laundry basket approach. After signing up for an account, walk around your house with a laundry basket and fill it with items you no longer use. Do a search for them on eBay and see what they’re selling for. Then take a photo of it, write a description and list it.


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